Sea mines

The mines could be a dangerous stealth adversary or a partner which provides any coastal state with the defence from the sea side, regardless of its technical capabilities.

The Concern has provided the Russian Navy with a wide range of various systems such as anchored, bottom and floating mines, contact and noncontact self-propelled mines used from different platforms to counter different targets.

We develop up-to-date underwater weapon of any type including bottom, anchored and self-propelled mines as well as torpedo mines and rocket mines to be used in attack and defence scenarios.

The sea mines differ from the torpedoes in their indirect psychological impact, i.e. the weapon not only destructs a target but also cause enemy vessels to abandon their planes.

As deterrence mean, the mines keep an enemy off the coastal line while ensuring con-trol over wide sea or ocean areas.

Our mines can operate from various platforms (i.e. surface ships, submarines and air-crafts) against different targets (surface ships and submarines).

Noncontact equipment to sense physical fields of target ships is based on the micro-technology which ensures high classification, detection and hit capability when operating against modern submarines and ships with lower signatures.

Progress in development of target sensors and the data processing technology as well as use of contemporary underwater communications are in the heart of our advanced con-cept of smart mine weapon. Such mines ensure the command detonation on a combat posi-tion and can operate as a part of an undersea surveillance system enabling radically new tasks to be solved efficiently over the ocean theater.

Our smart mines feature high performance and wide range of applications from the tra-ditional to the specific ones.

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